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Technology is revolutionising the field of healthcare like never before, bringing extraordinary advancements that have the potential to transform patient outcomes.

Whether we look at the cutting-edge surgical techniques or real-time health monitoring, these are just some examples of the incredible work being done every day.

With advancements in medical research, biomedical engineering, and information technology, physicians and healthcare professionals have access to new and improved tools to provide the best care possible to their patients. Moreover, the remarkable growth of personalised healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile devices has led to unprecedented access to medical information and support, letting the patients take control of their health like never before.

As technology continues to improve and evolve, we’ll undoubtedly see further progress in healthcare, enhancing the well-being of every individual.

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We’re confident that technology will continue to play a vital role in saving lives and promoting better health. 

With our products and services we are proud to be contributing to saving lives and enabling access to healthcare globally.

Dr Opusdei Aghanenu

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

An accomplished medical doctor and global health advocate. Opus’ dedication to improving healthcare systems in underserved areas has led to notable contributions to communities worldwide. Beyond her work in traditional medicine, Opus has studied artificial intelligence and its applications in healthcare.  Commendations such as Powerful Media’s Top 150 Future Leaders serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment to driving positive change, outstanding contributions, and exceptional leadership abilities.

Dr Nathan Robinson

Chief Medical Officer
Nathan is an NHS junior doctor, health-tech consultant and decolonising medicine researcher with a proven record of excellence having been awarded a fully funded National Scholarship by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2021, he placed 2nd in Powerful Media’s annual Top 150 Future Leaders publication after being nominated for his work in co-designing a hospital preparedness toolkit and improving COVID-19 UCLH trust policy.

Roy Williams

Chief Technical Officer

Having trained and spent over 30 years in the television and film industry creating 3d animation and visual effects, Roy turned his skills in 3d animation to developing Augmented Reality apps, then later in designing a next generation digital screen technology utilising AR, AI Deep Learning and visual computing. A radical thinker with unlimited imagination Roy’s work challenges convention and what is thought to be possible and achievable.

Ed Clinkett

Chief Product Officer

Financial Times Top 100 most influential Leaders in UK Tech. Ed has over 20 years’ experience in designing and delivering innovative award winning Digital Products and Services for the world’s leading corporations in Retail, FMCG, TV Media, Legal, Hospital Management Solutions, Health in Emerging Markets, Residential & Care at Home Services, Financial Services, Publishing and Higher Education.

Cedi Frederick

Chief Executive Officer

Over 40+ year career in the public, Not-for-Profit and private sectors includes 25 years at CEO level in the housing association and social care sectors leading organisations employing up to 2,500 staff, caring for and supporting over 3000 people a year. Currently Chair of an NHS Hospital Trust with over 30 years’ Non-Executive Director experience. Named on four separate occasions as one of Britain’s 100 Most Influential Black People and recognised as one of the ‘1,000 Black Asian Heroes 1950-2010’.

What Health Professionals Say About SeeYoo

The platform is like no other; offering streamlined triage of non-critical care in real-time and robust digital medical records that can be accessed by both patients and healthcare professionals. 

SeeYoo empowers individuals with autonomy and transparency over their healthcare records, whilst allowing quick, secure, and seamless access to healthcare professionals. 

Information regarding health trends from SeeYoo can assist developing nations augment their health prevention, promotion, and protection strategies, and thus, improve health on a population level.

Medical Doctor, UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how fragile healthcare systems can be without the right technological tools to help healthcare staff assess, diagnose and ultimately connect with their patients.

SeeYoo offers a robust diagnostic triage platform for non-critical care that can support clinicians in managing patients even in the most rural and geographically challenging areas.

Alongside its clinical decision support capabilities SeeYoo also offers a seamless interface to analyse live population health trends to help inform wider healthcare strategies and policies and improve patient outcomes at scale.

ED Doctor, Colchester UK